Keyhill Sheorn, MD is a general psychiatrist who specializes in the diagnoses and treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.


Independent Medical Evaluation

An IME can be especially helpful to determine the proximate cause and diagnostic consequences of a work-related incident or other potentially traumatic events. 

 It can also be helpful in determining whether treatment has been necessary and appropriate, and if Maximum Medical Improvement has been reached. At times, an IME is requested as an initial diagnostic evaluation.  

Record Review

A medical record review can be used to assist in evaluating a case when the claimant does not need to be seen. 

 This type of opinion can be provided either with or without a written report, depending on the needs of the case.


Sometimes all you might need is an answer to a question or concern you have about a case. Don’t hesitate to call or email for brief consultations.

Expert Witness

An expert witness, by virtue of education, skill, and experience, is determined to have expertise sufficient that they may be relied on legally to offer an expert opinion. Dr. Sheorn is impartial and serves both plaintiff and defense.

Practice Profile

Keyhill Sheorn, MD is a general psychiatrist with a full-time solo practice who specializes in the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. To help you with challenging cases, Dr. Sheorn is especially adept at determining what is, or is not, PTSD.  

Dr. Sheorn is the Director of Psychotherapy Training at Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Psychiatry, and is the recent past president of the Virginia Psychoanalytic Society.  

Dr. Sheorn lectures nationally, providing continuing education to other physicians and professionals in their field.


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